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    Introduction of temperature sensor

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    Introduction of temperature sensor

    Release date:2017-11-09 11:33 source:http://www.bfwyy.com Views:

    Inner Mongolia Erdos Electronics Co., Ltd. Main SMD power inductors, plastic winding chip inductors, organic solid core resistors, etc., temperature sensors use a wide range, a large number of sensors in the first place. The development of temperature sensor has gone through the following three stages, respectively, the traditional vertical, analog integration and new intelligent temperature sensor. New type of temperature sensor is developing in the direction of positive intelligence and networking.

    The temperature sensor can be divided into two categories according to the contact mode between the sensor and the measured medium. One is the contact type temperature sensor, and the other is the non-contact temperature sensor.

    Traditional thermometer principle

    The temperature sensor of contact type temperature sensor has good thermal contact with the object to be measured, and the heat balance is achieved by the principle of heat conduction and convection, and the indication value is the temperature of the object to be measured. This method has high accuracy, and can measure the temperature distribution inside the object. However, this method will produce great errors for the objects with small heat capacity and corrosive effects on the temperature sensing elements.

    The temperature measuring element of non-contact temperature measurement has no contact with the object under test. The principle of radiant heat exchange is usually used. The main characteristics of this method are small targets which can measure the state of motion and objects with small heat capacity or rapid change, and also can measure the temperature distribution of the temperature field, but they are greatly influenced by the environment.

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